The following tips will help you find higher quality evidence online:

  • Use good sources for searching for healthcare information; typically this means not using a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Good quality sites that check the sources of their information like NHS Evidence or PubMed you will find higher quality health information, if you have access to an OpenAthens account you can search even better health websites.
  • Many people use Google Scholar these days; and while that is an improvement on just using Google to search you are still being given information based on an algorithm with no thought to quality or relevance. Generally the more attention you give to the search process the better your results will be.
  • Always use speech marks when searching for information “borderline personality disorder” will search for results matching that exact phrase and provide far more accurate results, saving you time.
  • Whatever you search for always sort results by date; sorting by relevance does not guarantee you are getting the best results first. If you search by date check all pages for hits – the best piece of information could have been published two years ago and be on page 5.